We are a family operated live stock business with a focus on regenerative agriculture and alternative grazing methods to revitalise the land.
This includes our much loved bees and chickens which we can now share with all of our beloved followers!

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Who We Are

 We are a start up family owned and run partnership under the name of A&H Pastoral.  We are fortunate to live and work on our generational family farm, where we practice regenerative farming and alternative grazing methods to revitalise our land.

A&H Pastoral consists of Tim and Rose who are on the ground, and Tim’s parents who work behind the scenes. We live in Bundarra NSW and are on Rose’s Grandfathers farm which is now currently home to 700 head of cattle, 400 Chickens, 2 Maremma Dogs, thousands of bee’s and a very dedicated young couple who are looking to learn everything they can about giving back.

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